Hey Everyone,

Since the website is completely new, I wanted to take a moment to show you all an awesome feature! – The Groups!

To access the groups feature you need to register and log into the site here: https://www.theamarettocommunity.com/register/

Once that is completed click the community bar and select groups:

Then you can join any group you want to be a part of, or create your own by clicking the “create a group” blue text, then follow the steps to finish creating your group on the site.

Once you have your group (Marku and I created Misfits, as we hope other sim owners will follow and create their own groups), you can post updates inside the group to all the members, you can invite people and also post topics in your group specific forums, it’s a fun way to interact, show off your breedables and a great way to keep up to date with things going on within the group/sim.

It’s worth checking out!, and you never know maybe sometime in the future we will use the groups for a contest!.

Happy Breeding everyone!



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