Our New & Improved Auction Schedule!

Woot Woot!

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick post here about the new auction schedule I have placed on the site, replacing the old somewhat glitchy one!

The new schedule is much cleaner and should be easier for everyone to use so check it out!

Please read the text above the auction schedule in regards to time zones, it’s important if you’re not on SLT in RL.

You can also submit your own auctions now directly to the site, this should streamline the process of adding auctions. All you need to do is be registered on the site, logged in and click on the option that says “Create An Event”.

In the title use similar text to this – example: 8AM All Amaretto Drop Auction @ The Amaretto Community – Replacing “The Amaretto Community” with your sim name and changing the starting time accordingly, please also include if your auction is a drop auction or classic auction and also if its all Amaretto animals or specific animals.

Under the description field place your SLURL to the auction in there.

Select the appropriate times from the options and how many times it should repeat and how often.

After that your good to go and click submit event!

If you find this process difficult you can always do it the old-fashioned way and message me inworld on the avatar Bastian Hax.

Hope you all like the schedule and catch you all in world around the auctions, hugs!

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