Our New Website & Its New Features [OLD]

First up is our new home page:

The top section of the site will be used by myself and Markus to post the latest news on Amaretto releases, The Amaretto Community and also general newness!

Below that we have one of the more exciting NEW features about the new site – Anyone’s ability to post an event. If you are about to have an event on your sim – like say, a charity auction or another Amaretto related event (not normal auctions). All you need to do is be registered and signed in on the site, click upload, then select story and input your details (only put your image in the thumbnail section, not in the text area), then click publish!

Your first published event will be checked over before it reaches the feed (this is to stop spam), after it’s been approved the next time you post it will be approved automatically.

Also, every event that anyone posts on the site is automatically shared to The Amaretto Community facebook page here.

This is a great new community feature so everyone can find and go to Amaretto related events across our sims.

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