The Nest Egg Marketplace

The Nest Egg marketplace is a 2 sim marketplace that opened way back in 2007, long before the time of Amaretto and is currently the oldest operating Amaretto and probably “breedable” auction house on the grid – it hosted all sorts of breedables back before Amaretto even existed. It was bought by its current owner Josaphine Cooperstone in 2008 and has been operating strongly since.

About The Sim

Although the marketplace is owned by Josaphine Cooperstone, who is also one of the owners of Amaretto itself, it is a completely separate entity to Amaretto as it is personally owned by her since long before Amaretto was created in 2010.
The theme of the sim is western and it contains many different sizes and shapes of unique stores.
There are 4 auction areas & Amaretto satelitte stores across both sims for all 4 of the Amaretto Breedables.
Owner: Josaphine Cooperstone

Amaretto Horse Drop Auction – Tuesday, Thursday & Sundays at 6PM

Amaretto Barnyard Bird & K-9 Classic Auction – Mondays at 12PM

Amaretto K9 Classic Auction – Fridays at 3PM

Amaretto K9 Drop Auction – Wednesdays at 6PM

Amaretto Ponie Pals Drop Auction – Mondays at 6PM

Amaretto Horse ELITE (5K Min Bid) Auction – Fridays at 6PM

2L$ Per Prim.

Maximum Rental Size is 200 prims.

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