A new website community feature!

Hey everyone!

A lot of breedable rental sims use the CasperLet system and Casper has released an expansion that allows rentals to be seen via websites!

To take advantage of this new feature and to provide people with a place to find rentals at their favorite sims we have decided to add a new page for people to find rentals for their breedables!, it’s also helpful for market owners as they can just link people their available rentals without having to teleport from pen to pen to show off what they have available.

If you would like to get a rental page on The Amaretto Community just send me an IM in-world @ Bastian Hax and I will explain what you need to do to get listed. You will need to have purchased the CasperLet expansion pack to be able to get your rentals listed.

Click HERE to go to the rentals page!

There may be a new sign update coming soon to show a link to the new rentals page so keep an eye open in-world!

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