Small Update To The Site Explained [How To Upload To The Site]

Hey Everyone!

I recently made some small improvements to the site, the general layout of the site is cleaner and I have also changed how the upload page works to make it easier and more simple to use so everyone can easily upload market events/new releases/designers/anything relevant to the community.

So how to upload? well its much cleaner than before, all you need to do is log into the site and click “ADD POST” (top right of the page).

You will get a selection of posts to choose from:

“Story” works for basically anything post related, aka Designer, Event, New Releases, etc (the main option that most of you would use to upload to the site), The other options are there if anyone has a use for them.

When you select Story you will be greeted with this page:

All you need to do to make your post is – Firstly, put the title in, drop or click “browse files” and upload your image, type the text you want into the white box, select the category your post fits best into and agree to our terms and conditions, then click publish and you are all done!

Posts are sent for moderation (its an anti-spam mechanism). Once your post is approved it will become visible on the home page and also will be posted automatically to The Amaretto Community facebook page.

This site update also adds some new features which will be rolled out soon, so keep an eye out!

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