TAC Auction Schedule Advert Rentals!

Take a look guys!

Hey Guys

I have decided to add paid advertisement locations to the auction schedule site: for 200L$ per week.

Why? Well, 2 reasons:

1. The auction schedule is an extremely well-visited page of The Amaretto Community getting thousands of views per month. This is a great way for people to directly see and get to your sim/land.

2. Although I have run TAC for free since 2015 it does cost money monthly to myself to host and maintain so there is a cost involved, this is a great way to cover those costs!, so you will be getting advertisement AND be supporting this site. I thank you in advance!

I do plan on adding adverts throughout The Amaretto Community in the future, not only on the Auction Schedule, but this will take time to implement. Renters of these ad spaces will be added to the advert algorithm which will show your adverts randomly across the site when its added – the adverts will remain static on the Auction Schedule.

Here is some important information (The information NC) in regards to the adverts and how it will work:

Thanks for your interest!,

Below is a copy of the NC that is sent to you when you rent a box – it explains everything you need to know:

“Please Fill In The Information Below:

Avatar Name:

Marketplace/Location SLURL:

Please drag a FULL permission picture/logo of what you want to be shown on the advert below, please remember the adverts are square in size.

Although you have rented a box and the time has started ticking, I will be resetting the time to what you rented when the advert goes live- this ensures you get the maximum time for your money – Fair is fair.

Please send this back to Bastian Hax!


To rent a spot go here: Seven/232/168/21

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