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The Amaretto Community Christmas Giveaway

This is what Community really is! – Coming together and giving back to our community.

Hey Everyone!

I am proud to announce our first community giveaway for The Amaretto Community. I would like to thank all the markets/owners that sponsored this giveaway and for taking part.

Christmas is a time for giving and having fun and we most certainly have a great gift line up for all of you breeders out there!

Come check out the prizes in person in-world HERE

Here is all the gifts up for grabs and from which market/owner they are supplied from:

TAC – Bastian Hax & Markus Margulis:

1 x Male 2018 Tears Of Joy Gacha Edition
1 x Male 2018 Adoration Gacha Edition
1 x Male 2018 Adoration Gacha Edition
1 x Female 2018 Cry me a River Gacha Edition

The Nest Egg Marketplace – Josaphine Cooperstone + Avalon Crystal:

1 x Male 2018 Christmas Limited Edition – Nutcracker
1 x Female 2018 Christmas Limited Edition – Sugarplum Fairy
1 x Female 2018 Christmas Limited Edition – Snowfall
1 x Male 2018 Christmas Limited Edition – Blitzen

KickAz Ranch – Aaron Kismyaz (aaronx):

1 x Haven Horse – Darkness

Rebel Ranch – Vϊсkϊ 尺євєŁ Hσllϊs (pizazz):

1 x Female Chuckle Gacha Edition
1 x 15 Duck Nest Box
1 x 15 Horse Bundles Box

Andel Ranch – Dr. Bewblittle (eve.greymoon):

1 x Deadly Longing Barnyard Bird
1 x The Storm K9
1 x Madagascar Shetland

E&S – Snookiegirl Resident:

1 x Sibling Set
1 x Double Hazel Bundle
1 x Double Ornate Bundle

The Story – Nero (moxlox) + Esp (Espem)
1 x Male 2017 Mr. Amaretto Christmas
1 x Female 2017 Mrs. Amaretto Christmas
1 x Hen – Cayuga Nest

Lots Of Goodies!!

So how do you enter?

All giveaways are being held on The Amaretto Community Discord channel – You can join by downloading Discord HERE and signing up, then clicking our invite link to join our server HERE, then all you need to do is click on the giveaways channel under our giveaways section.

Guidelines for entering:

1. Your Discord name must be relevant to your SecondLife name, this does not mean identical but identifying of who you are. Any names not known will be removed (aka random names), if you have already joined our channel with a non identifying name please click the cog icon at the bottom left of your discord (under the channels) and edit your name.

2. Make sure you enter each markets giveaway, you might just be lucky enough to win more than once!

3. The Discord bot pulls names at random once the timer runs out.

4. Market Owners can enter other market sponsored giveaways just not their own.

5. Winners pulled per market drawing will be given the prize in the order of which their name is drawn.

6. Good Luck!

Once again, thank you all for participating!

Winners will be pulled on the 26th Of December.

If you have any questions feel free to hit me up in world @ Bastian Hax.

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  1. howdo u get too the discord channel if it just keeps loading is there a addy i can put in my discord

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Christmas Editions 2018 Are Here!! \o/

The Amaretto Community Christmas Giveaway Winners!