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The Amaretto Community Walk Of Fame!

Hey Everyone!

As you all know it’s coming up to Amaretto’s 8th Birthday and we wanted to add even more community fun into it too by creating our own Walk Of Fame! You can visit it HERE

First and foremost this is just a bit of good community fun! We have added the Amaretto staff (they deserve it after 8 years!) and people we know personally from years of breeding together and have never failed us in our breeding and community experiences so we have picked a few we think should be on there.

However we do want to open up nominations on who YOU (the community) would like to add to the walk of fame…. This could be a person that helps other breeders, your favourite auctioneer or market owner. It is open to anyone involved in our community – We will be adding 2 new names!

This will be a regular event! We might do it every 6 months or possibly once a year.

All you need to do is create a notecard and put the name of the person you wish to nominate for an Amaretto Community Walk Of Fame Star, save the NC and drag it into our horse head box’s contents next to the walk of fame at The Amaretto Community sim.

We will close nominations on the 26th of August and also open voting on the 26th. Voting will close and the 2 new stars announced on the 1st of September (Amaretto’s 8th Birthday).

Happy nominating!

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