Hey everyone! phew’ it’s been a busy week,

I decided it was time to remake The Amaretto Community website from the ground up to give breeders and the community something new.

This new site has a whole host of new features, not only do we have the forums, blog, and auction schedule like before but we have also added a brand new social page.

Features of the new social pages:

  • You can now view a community feed that allows you to see what others are doing or sharing within the community, people can post pictures, share projects or what they are doing on their sims, think of it like a social media for Amaretto breeders, you can tag people by using their @(name) reference in their profile. – To view the feed click HERE
  • The new group feature lets users create groups for their friends or a group for their sim, you can share amongst each other inside the group, chat and have fun!, you can make the group private (invite only), public or hidden(invite only). When you create a new group it will also create a new forum thread for your groups use under the forum section “Groups”. – To view the group page click HERE
  • You can customise your profile picture, cover background, and your biography.

We decided to bring back marketplace pages too, you can find these on the main home page of the website, we currently added only 3 markets but plan on adding as many as possible, the priority was bringing the website back up for everyone that uses the schedule as quickly as possible!.

We have also added a set of useful Amaretto links at the top of the website for easy access to the Amaretto websites.

Because we started fresh on this website all data on the old website has been deleted and you will need to sign up on this one if you want to do any of the features listed above. 

I will be sending out new Amaretto Community signs inworld as the old ones are incompatible with the new site and its links so if you have any old signs out please remove them and replace them with the new.

I really hope you all enjoy the new website and features, I have been so excited to share them with you because I think its a great tool for our community to use and to come together with our love for these breedables!

~ Bazza



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