Whovian Horse

Coat: Molten Roan Blue

Eyes: Flags of the World United Kingdom

Hair: Upright Long

Tail: Long

Coat Gleam High

Hair Gleam Low

Hair Hue Teal

Coat Chill

Coat Opal

Hair Opal

Wings Branding

Bridle Blue

Hoof Pomegranate

Wild Hair Mystique Fuchsia

Saddle Blue

Racing Traits (any)

– The coat represents Cracks in Time

-The Eyes represent the UK

– The Mane Hair represents the Wild Hair the Doctors have

– The Tail represents a long history with the show

-The hoof represents the 10th doctors shoes

-The Saddle, Bridle, and Hair color represents the TARDIS Blue

– The Racing Traits represent “RUN!”

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